The concept of an Open History implies that the human race has not evolved without influence from external intelligences (gods, aliens, etc.). The influence could be major, such as theories that conclude that the human evolutionary process was initiated by intentional forces, or minor, such as visitations from curious extraterrestrials.

Open History Series 1

Series 1

This set of cards is based on the various theories that aliens have periodically intervened in the development and evolution of human biology, culture, and technology. The cards in the Series 1 set are divided from a single large collage, such as one created by someone trying to place all of the pieces of the mystery together, so every card is different. The background includes craft papers, vintage map prints, and pages from a book about alien visitations.  The papers are aged, crinkled, burnt, and dirtied with Distress ink. The stamps feature images from the Nasca lines and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Open History Series 2

Series 2

The second series of Open History cards features a stamp based on an actual Egyptian engraving that shows people and children with elongated heads. This aesthetic (deformity?) appears to have developed independently on different continents at different times in history. There are some famous elongated Peruvian skulls that have been discovered in Nazca (coincidence?). Could this aesthetic indicate that these ancient peoples were attempting to imitate their alien benefactors?

The background of these cards are more pages from the alien book, dirtied with Distress ink. I find it really fun to read the text that ended up on all of the cards in both series.  All of the stamped images in both series are carved on Firm Kut and inked with StazOn brown.

Whatever the explanation behind these mysteries, whatever your personal beliefs, there’s a certain romance to these conspiracies.


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