This odd book was the possession of an odd bloke who identified himself only as Sean. Sean was arrested trying to steal machinery from a storage yard behind Elias Manufacturing.

Captain's Log - Front

Front Cover

When questioned, Sean stated that he came from a place called twedditwelve (possibly fabricated), and that he needed the parts to repair his vehicle.

The oddest part of the story is that he claimed that the book gave information to find the final resting location of a steamship whose hold contains a ton of gold bricks. Despite the fact that the book appears to be a thousand years old, and the aforementioned vessel has not yet left the dock, our dear Sean claims that the book contained a detailed log of the final voyage and includes enough information to find the wreckage. We sent a man to the captain of the ship to inform them of a possible sabotage plot.

Captain's Log - Back

Back Cover

The current whereabouts of Sean are unknown — he managed to escape from holding. This “Captain’s Log” was all that he left behind. All of the pages appear to be blank. Was Sean’s story an elaborate ruse? To what end?

The book has been given to Elias Manufacturing to be sold in the Parsonsfield Seminary benefit auction. Given the odd story of its attainment, the new-yet-antique covers, and the blank pages inside, it has considerable value.  The interior pages are smooth and white and could be put to various use — perhaps as a repository for prints from engravings.

Constable Edward Dehnart (1893)

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  1. Angel Treads on March 6, 2012 at 11:33 AM said:

    An excellent find!

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