The Treasure Hikers program promotes finding and planting letterboxes on longer hikes. Treasure Hikers earn one point for each mile hiked while letterboxing, either finding or planting, on hikes of 1 mile or longer round trip. Maine Treasure hikers can celebrate major milestones with Treasure Hiker pathtags.

The Only Treasure Hikers Rule

One point for each mile hiked while letterboxing, either finding or planting, on hikes of 1 mile or longer round trip.

Treasure Hikers Guidelines and Suggestions

The treasure hikers program runs on the honor system. If you have any concerns about whether or not a box qualifies, use your best judgement.  Here are some guidelines that can help you get started:

  • Each hike must be a minimum of one (1) mile in length round trip.
  • Maintenance and attempt trips do not count.
  • Each box can only be counted once.
  • One hike is one hike — if box A and box B are both 3 mile boxes, but they’re on the same trail and you hiked it once for both boxes, that’s 3 miles and not 6.
  • 10 0.1 mile drive-bys, or 2 0.5 mile strolls, don’t count as a 1 mile hike.
  • Don’t hike 0.7 miles on Monday and 0.3 miles on Tuesday and count it as a mile.
  • Don’t artificially create hikes — if box A is a drive-by, you can’t park half a mile down the road to make it a one mile hike.

These guidelines are from the Treasure Hikers program wiki page on AQ, which has answers for these and other common concerns.

The official start date for the Maine program is 5/2/09, so only count mileage accrued from that date when requesting a pathtag.

Getting Your Pathtag

You can get the tags from me. They’re priced to cover the cost of manufacturing and shipping:

  • In person, or with SASE: $3.00 (ask me about SASE requirements)
  • By Mail: $3.50
  • Via PayPal: $3.75 (PayPal fees amount to about $0.40)

Prep your mileage list with date / box name / points (or you can use the Treasure Hiker widget).

A 25 Mile pathtag is currently available and higher denominations may become available if there is significant interest.

Let’s get hiking!


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