Letterboxing: The Game is a deck-building game for two to four players. Each player is randomly assigned a Boxer Card, which represents one of the letterboxer archetypes. This card also determines the contents on the player’s starting deck. Throughout the game, players will work to add cards to improve their decks and increase their number of finds.

Player Cards

Each of the player cards represents one specific type of boxer, such as the Power Boxer and the Slack Boxer. Normally, cards are assigned to players randomly. You can; however, choose to assign them in a different manner, such as letting the players pick their own card, or to pick a card from two randomly assigned to them.

Various player cards including a couple bonus "signature" cards.

Various player cards including a couple of “signature” cards.

Boxer cards give special attributes or abilities to the players and can give the players additional strategy options for play.

The Hiking Boxer card.

The Hiking Boxer card.

Each player card consists of the following text areas:

  1. The card name.
  2. The card type (for special cards).
  3. The starting deck composition.
  4. The player special ability. These abilities work throughout the entirety of the game (at least while the card is face up) and can introduce or augment play strategies.
  5. A quote for the specific boxer type.
  6. The carver’s trailname.

The Starting Deck

Each player begins the game with a starting deck of Drive-By and Store Bought Stamp cards (everyone starts somewhere, right?).

The two basic starter cards.

The two basic starter cards.

Each of these cards is good for 1 Ink or 1 Mile, the two “currencies” in the game. Each player uses Ink and Miles to buy new cards to improve their personal decks of cards. The better cards in their deck, the better odds for their playing hands. Players can strategize their purchases in order to create Ink-heavy or Mile-heavy decks, balanced decks, attack-heavy decks (more on attacks later on), or decks that better support their Boxer’s special abilities.

The Player Deck, Discard Pile, and Hand

Each player’s active play area consists of their personal deck, a discard pile, and their hand of cards (usually held in their hand and kept secret from the other players).

The player deck, discard pile, and hand of cards.

The player deck, discard pile, and hand of cards.

Each starter deck is shuffled and each player draws a hand of six cards from their deck. Whenever a card tells a player to “draw a card,” it will be drawn from this deck. During their turn, each player will play the cards in their hand, one at a time, and fully resolve the text on the card. The player can then use the accumulated ink and miles in order to purchase better cards to add to their deck (or to overcome one of the letterboxing obstacles from the Eevil stack — more on that later).

At the end of their turn, the player will place all purchased cards and the cards that they played (their hand) into a discard pile next to their deck and draw a new hand of six cards. When the player needs to draw a card and the deck is empty, they will then shuffle the discard pile into a new deck. Several cards deal with the contents of the discard pile, so it is important not to shuffle this stack into a deck before necessary.


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