The eevil stack represents all of the hazards, hardships, and hindrances that plague letterboxing outings. From stolen stamps to spider-filled pouches, these cards are the obstacles that the boxers must overcome in order to have a grand day out.

The Trinket Trader! Always the card on the eevil stack.

Always the top card on the eevil stack.

Eevil cards are more expensive than the regular outing cards, and sometimes cost both Ink and Miles, but they’re worth oodles of finds and they often have fantastically powerful abilities. The Trinket Trader, for example, is worth 3 miles and can attack all of the other players when used.

At the start of the game, a collection of random eevil cards are selected, shuffled, and placed face-down on the table to make the eevil stack. The more cards selected, the longer the game. The Trinket Trader card is placed face-up on top of the stack, and is always the first eevil card that is encountered.

Living The Wild Life requires making hard choices.

The Wild Life requires making hard choices.

A face-up eevil card can be purchased from the eevil stack like the outing cards and is then added to the purchasing player’s discard pile. At then end of their turn — after they’ve drawn a new hand — the top face-down eevil card is revealed.

There’s a catch, of course. Eevil cards perform their Eevil Attack when revealed. This potentially disastrous attack affects all players who can’t defend themselves. The Wild Life card, for example, forces players to discard the top card of their deck and then decide to either retire the card or discard their entire hand. Is saving the card revealed worth losing an entire turn? Did you luck out and reveal a starter card or a missing box card? What will you decide to do?

The game immediately ends if the last card from the eevil stack is purchased.


One Thought on “LB: The Game — The Eevil Stack

  1. tigs on July 9, 2013 at 4:32 PM said:

    bwahahahahahahaha “wild life”

    i so wish i was there to play a hand. . .

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