Do letterboxers get along with one another? Usually, but not always! In the spirit of friendly competition, some of the available cards allow for a player to attack one or more other players. In the battle for the most finds, some boxers play dirty!

Two cards with attack abilities.

Two cards with attack abilities.

The cards above have Attack abilities. When one of these cards is played, the effects of the Attack are fully resolved before the next card is played. For example, the card on the left causes the other players to discard a card from their hand. This doesn’t seem like it’s too much of a problem since they’ll just get another card on their turn, right? Remember that each player draws their hand at the end of their last turn. This means that the hand of cards is vulnerable to attack while all of the other players have their turn. Each card that is discarded by an attack is one less card that they’ll be able to play on their turn. In the worse-case scenario, a player may be forced to skip a turn because they don’t have any cards left in their hand!

The dreaded MISSING BOX!

The dreaded MISSING BOX!

Some of the attacks in the game can cause a Missing Box to be added to your deck. A Missing Box card is a card that has no abilities. It just takes up space and doesn’t produce any ink or miles. Worse, these cards are worth -1 finds at the end of the game! The more missing boxes you have, the fewer finds you’ll be able to accumulate at the end of the game. There are twenty cards in the Missing Box stack.

So how can you clean up your deck and remove all of these terrible cards?

The handy, dandy maintenance card.

The handy, dandy maintenance card.

Some cards have an ability that allows you to Retire another card. When a card is retired, it is taken out of the game permanently. The Missing Box is obviously going to be a target for retirement, but other cards might be watering your deck down as well. The starter cards, for example, aren’t very helpful once you’ve improved your deck. If most of your cards produce 2 or more ink or miles, then you would prefer that those cards be drawn more often. By retiring your Store Bought Stamps and Drive-bys, you increase the rate at which your better cards will be drawn. And since neither of these cards are worth any finds, there’s really no downside to retiring them.

Are you totally defenseless? Do you have to take any and all attacks sitting down? No!

When you're at the right spot, but you can't seem to find the box, you can always phone-a-friend!

When you’re at the right spot, but you can’t seem to find the box, you can always phone-a-friend!

A small number of cards have an ability that allow you to Defend yourself against an attack. When you are attacked and you have a defense card in your hand, follow the directions for the Defend ability on the card. The Phone-A-Friend card, for example, allows you to defend an attack by discarding that card and replacing it with a new card from your deck. Not a bad deal!

Remember to play nice, but not too nice!


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