Sometimes you join a swap that doesn’t require any fancy embellishments, and sometimes you just can’t figure out how to embellish a card that has a large or complex stamp image. The oversized (folded) cards in this post are not pretty — they’re all about the carve.

The Lovers (Attempt #3) [2011]

The Lovers (Attempt #3) [2011]

The stamp for The Lovers card took three attempts to carve. I kept the stamp for the second attempt as it’s too good to throw out, but it’s not good enough to show anyone. By the time I finally got something that was good enough, I was happy just to slap it on paper and be done with it. If I had to do it again, I’d try to figure out something to do in that large border area. Not a pretty card, but a decent and challenging stamp image!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - In the Kitchen [2011]

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – In the Kitchen [2011]

The only reason that I carved “In the Kitchen” was because I was challenged by The Wolf Family to do it (“I’m doing a P&P&Z stamp, why can’t you?“). At the time that I carved it, it was definitely the most challenging stamp that I had ever carved, and like The Lovers, I was just happy enough to get it done and on paper. The Wolf Family, wanting to make mine like it was prepared by a monkey, made a fabulous card featuring all sorts of little details and a good amount of fake blood.

Sometimes it’s all about the carve, but I’m really trying to get more creative with my card making so that it never has to be all about the carve again.


2 Thoughts on “All About the Carve

  1. The wolf family on August 10, 2013 at 9:52 AM said:

    LOL! Cool! I made your blog!! I’m featured for busting your chops! Okay, that was pretty fun. ;) But to put things in perspective for the readers, ALL I added to mine was watercolor paint to make it look like fake blood. If you actually wanted to convince people that I made yours look like a monkey did it, it would have been a good idea NOT to post the fabulous carving you did! LOL!! But it is fun to challenge each other to improve. You know you do that to me all the time! And thank you for that. :)

  2. Both carves are extremely impressive to me. I hate recarving, and have only done it once, for a series. So to try thrice, shows quite a bit more persistence than I possess.

    Adding embellishments to a detailed carve, sometimes takes away from the look. And sometimes it is nice to just stamp and be done, no one will ever say you skimped on either of these cards! None of my carves will ever be as detailed as these, because I seem to lack the patience required, so it’s always fun for me to see carves like these and imagine the time and work spent on them.

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