During recent renovations to the campground, a few artifacts were unearthed at TPB. Among the artifacts was a locked chest and a small map sealed in a wax tube.

Newly Discovered Map

What treasures could the chest contain? What mysteries are revealed in this map?

Maybe when everyone gets together this August, we can start to piece together the puzzle.


Have you ever been caught by noxers while out on the trail?

One time while digging around a fallen tree, we were startled by the sudden question “looking for mushrooms?” It was a little old lady and a dog who made absolutely no noise as they sneaked up on us. It was almost as if they floated along with the wind down the trail. “Yes,” I meekly replied, “but I’m mostly just curious. I wouldn’t trust anything that I found not to be poisonous.” She responded that she was also curious and shared the same concern. After the brief exchange, the wind picked up and she drifted on down the trail.

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The Mystery StampsFor the mystery LTC challenge, twelve people all made cards using the same two stamps. The only requirement was that they use the stamps in some way — they could use additional stamps, modify a stamped image, and use whatever embellishments that they wanted. The creativity and diversity of the finished cards is astounding!

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This odd book was the possession of an odd bloke who identified himself only as Sean. Sean was arrested trying to steal machinery from a storage yard behind Elias Manufacturing.

Captain's Log - Front

Front Cover

When questioned, Sean stated that he came from a place called twedditwelve (possibly fabricated), and that he needed the parts to repair his vehicle.

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It’s always important to make a good impression. You don’t want to come across as weak, shaky, or disconnected. Instead, you want to be powerful, even, and striking.

Spoiler Alert: This post contains a picture of my LTC for the upcoming silhouettes swap hosted by The Red Cat.

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The concept of an Open History implies that the human race has not evolved without influence from external intelligences (gods, aliens, etc.). The influence could be major, such as theories that conclude that the human evolutionary process was initiated by intentional forces, or minor, such as visitations from curious extraterrestrials.

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